What are the facts regarding Jesus? These are facts about…

What are the facts regarding Jesus?

These are facts about the life of Jesus that are agreed upon by the vast majority of historical scholarship—both skeptical and evangelical alike! They are:
“1) Jesus died by Roman crucifixion.
2) He was buried, most likely in a private tomb.
3) Soon afterward, the disciples were discouraged, bereaved, and despondent, having lost hope.
4) Jesus’ tomb was found empty very soon after his interment.
5) The disciples had experiences that they believed were actual appearances of the risen Jesus.
6) Due to these experiences, the disciples’ lives were thoroughly transformed, even being willing to die for this belief.
7) The proclamation of the resurrection took place very early, at the beginning of church history.
8 )The disciples’ public testimony and preaching of the resurrection took place in the city of Jerusalem, where Jesus had been crucified and buried shortly before.
9) The Gospel message centered on the death and resurrection of Jesus.
10) Sunday was the primary day for gathering and worshipping.
11) James, the brother of Jesus and former skeptic, was converted when, he believed, he saw the risen Jesus.
12) Just a few years later, Saul of Tarsus (Paul) became a Christian believer due to an experience that he believed was an appearance of the risen Jesus”

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