World Missions Remembers Dr. Sheila McLaughlan

World Missions Remembers Dr. Sheila McLaughlan


Dr. Sheila McLaughlan, Inverness, Scotland, passed away February 6, 2021. Sheila was one of the most anointed ministers of the Church of God, and God used her in miraculous ways.

Sheila and her husband, Paul (deceased), provided dynamic leadership in Scotland, their homeland, as the pastors of the Church of God in Inverness where Sheila led a counseling ministry. Sheila received her doctorate in counseling in 1997 from the European Theological Seminary in association with Sheffield University. She also served as Scotland’s Chaplaincy Coordinator. For many years in Scotland, she and Paul worked midst hostility to Pentecost and to a woman preacher.

Dr. David M. Griffis, Director and Dr. M. Thomas Propes expressed their sadness at the passing of Dr. McLaughlan and pray for the consolation of her family.

Sheila’s ministry embodied kindness. She once said, “It is more important to be kind than it is to preach. A sermon is heard and often forgotten, but a kind act will be remembered for a lifetime!” Her life touched countless individuals … those in bereavement, unwed mothers, prisoners, drug addicts, marriages in trouble, and often persons who were suicidal. No one’s life remained the same after knowing Sheila.