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64 thoughts on “Is it necessary for Christian women to wear long skirts?

  1. Patrick Matthew Parisi says:

    I’d not want to be distracting from worship time by my clothing causing others in the congregation to lose their focus on God. Dressing modestly or plainly is not a dishonorable thing.

  2. Linda Joy Licht says:

    The Bible does not address this specifically, however it does tell us not to be stumbling blocks to others. Christian women should be modest, but not out of legalism, but out of love for your neighbor!

  3. Nickole Santiago says:

    No, you can dress modestly even wearing pants. I come from a church where the women are required to wear skirts while being up at the altar. Cannot tell you how many times I have heard perverted things from men (ministers btw) even wearing a “modest” skirt.

  4. Jay Zeke Malakai says:

    Don’t cross dress, don’t be extravagant, don’t dress promiscuously or obscenely, you’re probably fine beyond that. The Bible doesn’t contain a dress code, just a few basic morals.

  5. Hayley Jones says:

    Ask yourself when choosing clothing (any person) “is what I am wearing glorifying God or myself?” I know our society tells us (especially women) “wear whatever you want, do you, show off whatever skin” but if you (anyone) are choosing to wear something that causes another to stumble…rethink your outfit. We are supposed to consider others more than ourselves also.

  6. Aileen Priscilla says:

    I would ask myself that a lot. I come from a church where it is required to wear long skirt. I used to dislike it so much because all my life I’ve worn Jeans. I took a while to get used to it and even to like it. I told myself, this is where I feel Gods prescense, this is where God works in me and has healed me, this is where he put me. So if I want to stay here (because finding a good church with out doctrine is hard) I will follow it. Out of reverence for the pastors.

    I am also developed in my lower body so I constantly get cat called and disrespected verbally when I wear jeans because they do accentuate my figure. So wearing skirts helped minimize that a lot.

    I think it’s just a heart thing. Your heart will change or not depending on your willingness. Either it’ll come from you or God will put it in you.

  7. Gus Rodriguez says:

    If you are not in the business, don’t advertise… just dress properly, don’t be a stumbling block, man are weaker than woman.

  8. Ben Horgan says:

    Paul Washer said that if your clothing acts as a frame for your face you are good. If it acts as a frame for your body…not so much.

  9. Javier Ortiz says:

    Not necessarily. It’s a fruit , if we truly changed , you aren’t goin to feel comfortable in a mini skirt .. Like my wife . She changed her ways she dressed because of her conviction .

  10. Joshua Jackson says:

    No. People get that from (I think it’s Deuteronomy) where the Bible says women are not to dress like men. The thing is, Jews wore clothes very much like what dresses are today.
    All that matters is that no one crossdresses.

  11. Joshua Jackson says:

    Read my above comment before this verse. This is the verse I was talking about:

    “A woman shall not wear a man’s garment, nor shall a man put on a woman’s cloak, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord your God.
    Deuteronomy 22:5

  12. Gina Draker says:

    No. No. And No. Christians are not to be “legalistic” in attitude or gender, we aren’t in some kind of cult. Let us dress in keeping with our worth, as both men and women, and to dress in proper attire for our status accorded to us in Christ. We can be expressive and as stylish or creative as our personality, because we all have a unique individuality. We aren’t robots, for goodness sake! We don’t need uniforms. However, let us always remember that we represent Christ – not some stuffy idea of Christianity.

  13. Nancy Savino Soboluesky says:

    Some churches years ago would teach or expect the females not to wear pants and only skirts or dresses. But the Bible does not explicitly say that. 🤔

  14. Marlene Ferguson says:

    These is legalism and has nothing to do with God. It’s almost cultish! Dress modestly, and serve God with all your heart, at home and in public. Being a woman doesn’t mean you have to work from home, being a slave, either.

  15. Thato Masiu says:

    As long as Christian women are comfortable, confident, beautiful, reputable and respectful (in what they dress up) before our Almighty God, their parents or guardians (if minor or dependent), themselves (if independent), their husbands or children (if married), the church and society at large, I am grateful and thankful.

  16. Kasey Getchell says:

    The bible says that women cannot wear men’s clothing and men cannot wear womens clothing. Pants tailored for women are womens clothing and are therefore acceptable. For some reason men dont have skirts but I dont have a problem with that lol. Well I guess there are kilts, but that is cultural and not considered a form of cross-dressing since they are specifically for men. Hmm.

  17. Jan Ang says:

    wear anything you want but be sensitive to the person who might stumble of what you’re wearing, don’t allow yourself to be an instrument of their sin

  18. Seth Shay says:

    In today’s society…I bet if you wear a short skirt to church, there is at least (if not numerous) men that will have an imagination go straight to the gutter.

  19. Israel Trujillo says:

    honestly sun dresses are very decent and women look beautiful on them like it’s not lustful for men in that sense at all but it is still very cute to look at in an admiring way (at least for me, idk about other guys) what do y’all think?

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