How Hamas and Islamic Jihad Use Journalism as a Cover for Terrorism

When Operation Pillar of Defense began on Nov. 14, Palestinian terrorists in the Gaza Strip knew that the IDF was trying to target them. That might explain why on Nov. 19, four senior Palestinian Islamic Jihad operatives took over an

Pillar of Defense: Summary of Overnight Events, Nov 17

Overnight, the IDF targeted Hamas government buildings as well as several rocket launching squads that were involved in firing rockets toward Israel. As part of the IDF targeting of government buildings, Ismail Haniya’s headquarters, the Hamas Ministry of Interior, and
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How Long Has Hamas Been Shooting Rockets at Israel?

Many people think Hamas as only been firing rockets into Israel since the start of Operation Pillar of Defense, starting six days ago. In fact, Hamas has been targeting the Israeli Home Front since 2001, and firing rockets on a
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