1 God Encounter w/ 1 Girl to Many w/ the Gospel

1 God Encounter w/ 1 Girl to Many w/ the Gospel

Below is a Blog from one of our SMC students. I am proud of Keyona on so many levels. Mainly because of her sheer tenacity to blaze a trail that few are willing to do in order to find God's will for their lives. Keyona is young lady from Maine. She is proof of what one encounter with God at an event like Shabbach can do in launching her to reach many. Keyona was adopted into a wonderful home at a young age. The baggage of rejection could have easily crippled her, yet she refused to be denied and went on a mission to search for purpose of her existence. You'll read in her Blog below about her personal experience at Shabbach. I'd like for you to know her current status after her encounter.
After Shabbach 2009 she:
a. finished her high school
b. joined with a summer mime team that traveled all over the country sharing the Gospel
c. is currently involved in our Shabbach Master's Commission Program here in Charlotte, NC

We're all excited about #ShabbachOCD2013!!! I believe she is one of thousands that have been and will be changed at Shabbach! It's why we do what we do!

Hope to see you soon!



Shabbach MB is this weekend!!