2011 Main Event-Hixson Albums Available

2011 Main Event-Hixson Albums Available


Dear Friend,


What an amazing 2011 Main Event! Afterwards, I thought, "It was as though every speaker had sat in a counsel meeting in the heavenly temple, receiving instructions from the Almighty with specific messages to bring revelation, illumination, answers to questions and a plan laying out a vision for what is coming to the church, the nation and the world."

The Main Event of 2011 is history, but these messages will live on in the spirits of the listeners for YEARS to come!! The five messages the Holy Spirit gave me are, I believe, the most unique - fresh insight - in the 24 year history of this annual gathering! I am excited to share more about this powerful meeting in this special announcement!

Perry Stone, Jr.

I have heard Jentezen Franklin speak hundreds of times. However, every person in the meeting said that his message, "Checkmate - I Don't Think So" built their faith and will remain with them for a lifetime and I agree."

Damon Thompson's revelation on the "Left Handed Generation" was a word I had never seen or heard after 65,000 hours of Bible study!

The "Triple Threat Tag Team" on Saturday morning, set the direction of God's plan for the distant future and how we can discover His purpose in our journey.

Beth Stephens ministered on the Battle of the Thought Life and was under a strong Holy Spirit anointing.

An important note: the two prophetic messages are very strong and may "offend" some. Further, the Friday Night service recorded on DVD has a very strong manifestation of the Holy Spirit with prophetic singing in the Spirit and there may be some who have never seen this and may not fully understand the operation of this gift.

However, all truth lovers and uncompromising spiritual sons and daughters of the Lord will receive impartation from these nine messages!!!

The 5 Messages that I shared in the evening services include:
The Guardians of the Tree of Life 
Removing the Cherub from the Tree of Life
Winning the Battle of the Firstborns
Understanding the Law & War of the Firstborn
The Covenant Breakers of Pennsylvania Avenue
Legalizing Abominations by Legislating against the Covenant
The Cherokee Link to the End Time Outpouring
The Recently Revealed Spiritual
Inheritance Being Restored
A Prophetic Message from the Washington D.C. Earthquake
The Cracks on the
Washington Monument and National Cathedral

The VOE is making the CDS and DVDS available at the best price in the history of our meetings. We believe thee messages must get out to as many people as possible. The 9 CDS (messages only) in the CD Album are $55.00 and the nine DVDS which have the message, power point illustrations, and some of the altar services are $95.00 each (that's a savings of over $40.00)! I am very excited and in high anticipation of you hearing these messages.


Order now on line, or call (423) 478-3456 (our office) or send a check to Voice of Evangelism, P.O. Box 3595, Cleveland, Tennessee, 37320. When ordering, the audio CDS request item# 11HX-CD and for the DVDS request item# 11HX-DVD.  


Also I will be releasing a very refreshing and inspirational new book in a few weeks that I am very thrilled to present to the Body of Christ. More on this later. God bless and keep you. Don't forget our last conference in 2011 in Cartersville, GA.


P.S. When possible order the DVDS as they have amazing pictures included, especially concerning the Tree of life and the Cherokee message.


To order or for more information on these albums visit our website using the following links or contact the ministry center at 423-478-3456 and ask for the 2011 Hixson Albums.

CD ALBUM - CLICK HERE     (ITEM# 11HX-CD - $55.00) + S/H

DVD ALBUM - CLICK HERE   (ITEM# 11HX-DVD - $95.00)  + S/H
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