2011 Powder Springs Newsletter

July 27th 2011
Perry Stone Ministries
2011 Powder Springs Conference Albums

Christian Greetings!

I actually had no plans of making the Powder Springs conference available on CD or DVD. However, this was such a special meeting and the flow of the anointing along with the results in the altars were so dramatic that I instructed the staff to set aside a certain number of CDs and DVDs of the Trinity Chapel conference for your benefit.   

The Lord gave me three important NEW revelatory messages in this series that will drop insight strongly into the practical areas of your life to bring favor, freedom and illumination to your soul. One message in particular deals with setbacks and how that often a setback can turn out to be a setup for something great!  


As believers we must walk by faith. Sometimes we need to look beyond our current circumstances. Be confident in the One who holds all power and all authority in every situation! My prayer is for the truth of these messages to soar into your spirit and ignite a fire that spreads uncontrollably!  May the anointing and truth of God's Word go forth and take root in your life today is my prayer!           


A Servant of the King,


Perry Stone, Jr. 



There are only a few of Powder Springs, Georgia  CD and DVD Albums remaining from the conference that concluded on July 24th, 2011.  These are the most current resources from Perry and each album includes all 6 messages from the conference.   


Message titles from the conference include:


The Amazing Fullness of Time Factor  

Are We the Generation of the Messiah's Return?


Visions and Dreams from the Lord that You Need to Know

Preparing for or Praying to Prevent Future Events from Occurring


Israel: An Inside Look at Second Coming Prophecies

The Prophetic Cycles and Strange Rabbinical Signs


Heartbreaks on the Road to Destiny

When Setbacks Become Setups


Wearing Joseph's Ring  

Extreme Favor in Bad Situations


Breaking Satanic Covenants  

Breaking the Agreement with Hell and Premature Death





These albums are available from the website using the links below or you may contact the ministry center at 423-478-3456 to request the 2011 Powder Springs Albums.  








We are pleased that we can share these services on audio CD or DVD.  We receive testimonials of what a blessing it is for many to be able to hear the messages or participate in the services through the recorded media when it is not possible for them to attend.  



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