A Funny, But Sad Observation

Over the years that I have been writing this blog, I have watched this happen every week. Without fail, beginning on Friday morning and running through Sunday morning, I will have anywhere from 50 to 100 visitors to my blog from around the world that arrive here by searching for "Excuses for not going to church." When they Google that phrase (or Yahoo or Bing...) an article from 2005 pops up near the top and they arrive at my blog. The question I ask myself every weekend is, "are people actually searching the net to find a good excuse to miss church?"  Or... "is it pastors knowing that a good portion of their church is going to be gone each week, and looking out of frustration?"  Either way, it is a funny, but sad state of affairs. Talking with other pastors about this online last night, one pastor said, "it is an epidemic that has hit the body of Christ."  Truly sad.

Here is the original post they arrive at when they do their search. Excuses for Not Going to Church