Aug. 19, 1907 Union Grove, One received the baptism with the Holy Ghost and spoke with other tongues.

Nov. 19, 1907 Just came home last night from the Tellico mountains, where I have been for a week holding meetings. While I was preaching some laughed, about all cried, and one fell off his seat and just bellowed out
in good fashion.

Nov. 10, 1908 I went to Chattanooga on Monday, Nov. 2, and remained till Sat. Preached 8 sermons. No
preaching in the first service after Sunday School. We knelt to pray and before we ever arose from our knees the power fell, people talking and praying in tongues, and while yet on my knees I made the altar call, and part of that was in tongues. The altar was filled and some fell under the power and were wrought on _very much by the Spirit._

This work continued until dark and the people were gathering for the night service. Some of us had eaten no dinner, so we slipped out a few minutes and took some refreshment. When I returned the house was packed
and I had barely room to stand while I preached. The climax of the day reached at night when a brother suddenly shouted out at the top of his voice and the power fell so extensively that almost instantly the whole congregation arose to a standing position, and I think 200 people were shouting, leaping, clapping their hands and talking and praising God in tongues all at once.

Nov. 26, 1908 This brings into the work very soon several churches, also bids fair to get a number of churches of the same body in S. C., and one or more in _China._ Several received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, some sanctified and some converted. The fire fell the second service, and one man rose right up while I was preaching and received the Holy Ghost. And the remarkable part of that meeting was that the last part of the text was preached by the Holy Ghost by His own demonstrations by a number of people under the Spirit performing their part instead of by words from my mouth. Glorious meetings.

Nov. 26, 1908 Cleveland. During my sermon I broke down and went to crying, and the Holy Ghost caught up Homer, my own son, and he went to preaching in tongues until he and I and others fell under deep groans and weeping and praying. This continued for some length of time, which was really demonstrating the last part of my text, but after while I was able to finish my sermon and close the meeting.

Dec. 19, 1908 Sobel, Tenn. 6 professions and 9 received the baptism with the Holy Ghost. I feel tonight’s great meeting is a result of that night of prayer. God gave us wonderful victory. One sanctified and baptized with the Holy Ghost and spoke in tongues a good deal.

Jan 2, 1909 After this scene the church took action and excluded him on the charge brought against him, Rom.
16:17. On top of this action God gave us a wonderful meeting at night. Tongues and interpretations, much
demonstration and power. House was crowded. Among others, my son Homer gave a message in
tongues, which was interpreted to mean, “Jesus is coming soon. Get ready. Those who are not ready
are going to hell,” etc. The power of intercessory prayer fell on me and I fell off my seat and commenced groaning and _praying in tongues_ and strong crying and tears.

Jan. 3, 1909 Taught a Sunday School class. Held meeting afternoon and at night. One received the baptism
with the Holy Ghost.

Jan. 4, 1909 Taught the Bible school all day. Meeting at night. The Spirit gave the interpretation of two or three short messages through me for the first, clear.

Jan. 7, 1909 Assembly opened today. I act as clerk and chairman. Harmonious action all day.

Jan. 8, 1909 I led the meeting last night and tonight. No one preached tonight, but a wonderful meeting. 3 baptized with the Holy Ghost, 1 profession. Some healed. Wonderful. Glory.

Jan. 10, 1909 The day’s fruit was 4 converted, and 4 baptized with the Holy Ghost.

Jan. 28, 1909 7 of us went out in the country, had a prayer service with a blind girl. We felt that the Spirit taught us some good lessons in battling with demons.

Feb. 7, 1909 Held Sunday School, taught a class. Meeting afternoon and at night. Preached 2 sermons. The Lord gave us wonderful meetings. Tongues and the interpretations. Homer is being used wonderfully, with others. Several in altar. 1 baptized with the Holy Ghost. Glory! Glory! Glory!

Feb. 16, 1909 Last night after supper, we, with Bro. Bryant who had just come home, were singing. We heard Homer, my sixteen year old son, upstairs in agonizing prayer. We soon left off the singing and went upstairs. Homer was caught away under the power and control of the Spirit. He had been agonizing in prayer, when suddenly he arose on his knees and quoted the text: “If ye love me, keep my commandments, and I will pray the Father and he will give you another Comforter,” etc., _in a tongue,_ which was interpreted by Bro. Bryant. From the text he preached a sermon in a _foreign language,_ then he made his altar call, and it appeared that numbers came forward, and began to get saved. Then he went through great ecstasies of joy over the salvation of souls. Pen cannot describe the scene. The _language_ was clear and distinct. Others in the town are _frequently caught away in the Spirit in a similar way._ While the devil is raging God is blessedly working. Sick are being healed, devils cast out, etc., etc.

Feb. 20, 1909 Meeting at night. _Several messages_ given in tongues and the Holy Spirit gave the interpretations through me. Luther Richard, Homer Tomlinson, Jesse Trim _preached in tongues as the Spirit gave utterance_

Mar. 10, 1909 Held meeting at night. _Several messages_ in tongues, and the Lord used me to interpret.


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