André Philippe Weber, We Remember


André Philippe Weber passed away on April 19, 2021.

Reared in a Pentecostal home, André’s father owned a 300-acre farm in France, and the Pentecostal movement had its very beginning on his father’s farm in 1931. After receiving his call to the ministry, André made contact with the Church of God through pioneer missionary to Germany, Walter Lauster.

André organized a Church of God in Troyes, France (100 miles east of Paris), in 1960 and served as its pastor until 1986. From that congregation, three individuals called into the ministry pioneered three additional new churches, expanding a very small beginning. André was later appointed by World Missions as the Overseer of France and Belgium, and by 2010, there were 971 members worshiping in 18 churches and three missions.

During his tenure with World Missions, André translated materials into the French language for use in spreading the Gospel in France.