Are theologians more educated than God? It seems they coind…

Are theologians more educated than God? It seems they coind a word that described God better, trinity, why was this word in use by God and the prophets?

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2 thoughts on “Are theologians more educated than God? It seems they coind…

  1. Alaina Reilly says:

    Here is a word you should become familiar with & study. “Concept”. I have more if you want. Oh, by the way, don’t forget to get off your COMPUTER, lose your SHOES or SNEAKERS, stop drinking SODA or any of the other modern day drinks, no more PLASTIC, no more PRINTED books as the Printing press wasn’t invented until a few hundred years ago, no more going to HOSPITALS using modern day MEDICINES or MACHINES. Don’t use CARS, or PLANES…..See where your logic leads? The CONCEPT of the TRINITY starts in the first chapters of Genesis.

  2. Timothy Stamey says:

    All wisdom comes from above. Mans wisdom to build technology is only gave from above. Can you imagine the technology that God has with those ships Ezekiel 1 describes as the 4 guardians of the earth flew. What of the ships that are likened to stars or mountains as cloud by day and fire by night. What of the one that only the wise men could see that hovered over Bethlehem . Man can’t even fathom what awaits or even grasp Gods technology

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