Bike Seat Theft, leeHarmony, Inflammatory Lee Blog Crops Up, and DZT’s "The Hook-Up," or: My Thoughts are Super-Disorganized Today.

Someone stole the seat on my bicycle today. Thanks, God is watching.

Apparently leeHarmony is becoming a huge deal on Lee's campus. The creator received permission from the real eHarmony to use the name "leeHarmony" so long as the site does not become larger than 1,000 members. Oh, and isn't it weird for a male to add other males as friends on a "dating" or "relationship" site?


A big angry blog called "Fellation Friday" popped up last Friday, criticizing many things Lee University. I can't say I disagree with all of the anonymous author's criticisms and observations, but I do think he or she is particularly crass in their presentation.

Based on the author's comments about girls on Lee's campus, I am led to believe that the author is indeed male. He is certainly overly frustrated with lots of aspects of life as a college student/Lee student, and apparently believes the best way to deal with it is by name-calling and ad hominem attacking other students. The blog has since been password-protected. We'll see where this goes.


Can DZT's "The Hook-Up" really be called anything but a boost for the nickname "Slea-Z-T?" I can't say that all girls in DZT are slutty or sleazy, because such traits could be true of any girl, not just those in DZT. But honestly, DZT? If you hate the idea of being called "Slea-Z-T" or statements like "I couldn't get a girlfriend, so I went to DZT," why would you have an event called "The Hook-Up?"

Go up to a random guy or girl on the street and say, "I hooked up with a [girl/guy] last night." Do you really think they're going to say, "Oh, you went to the DZT event in the PCSU where they had food and date stuff going on? No, they're most likely going to think you were talking about sex. Might wanna think that one through a little more next time.

I think that's about all that I have to rant about for now... until tomorrow's rant about Convocation and chapel.