Breaking down the Church Walls

A few months back, I interviewed two pastors and a former drug dealer about breaking down the walls of the church. Those interviews led me to this:

His nights only vary by location. Instead of speaking to the people in his apartment building, tonight he’s talking about Jesus [as a bouncer at a bar]. Walker is intimidating and enthusiastic. He’s also evidence of hope, a sign that some Christians in Richmond have realized the seismic shift that’s happening. Instead of boarding up and taking flight, they’re taking the gospel to the people outside.

The article covers how two churches have successfully faced changing realities (population shift and catastrophe) with the unchanging gospel. You’ll find it in this online mag: Evangel (January 2011, page 16).

For more stories of transformation from Travis Johnson, take a look at his blog and the website for Life Pointe Church.

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Walker doesn’t have a link, but keep him in your prayers.