Church of God Call to Prayer for Gulf Coast Area

Church of God Call to Prayer for Gulf Coast Area

CLEVELAND, TN: With Tropical Storm Nate expected to make landfall along the Gulf Coast late Saturday night, Dr. Tim Hill, General Overseer of the Church of God, once again is calling on the Church of God family to pray for protection for those that could be impacted by this storm.

“Our church family and friends along the Gulf Coast in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida are once again facing the wrath of a tropical storm that may actually become a hurricane before it makes landfall. The areas in the path of this storm are still recovering from two storms that brought devastating flooding last year. Please join me in prayer that God will calm this storm and spare the Gulf Coast,” requested Hill.

Although Tropical Storm Nate does not have the overpowering winds that the other storms have had this year, the hurricane center is predicting that storm surges could reach 9 feet and that more than 12 inches of rain could fall in a short period of time, causing major flooding in low lying areas along the Gulf Coast. At least 21 deaths have already been attributable to Tropical Storm Nate as it passed over Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Honduras, where it caused widespread flash flooding and mudslides.

“While our disaster relief efforts have been stretched thin over the past six to eight weeks, the Church of God will be there to provide water, food, construction assistance, and supplies. God would want us to do no less,” concluded General Overseer Hill.

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