Clarification: Broadcast Group in Fort Mill and Renovatus in west charlotte!

We are still reeling from the spectacular 5th anniversary service we had last Sunday morning at the Broadcast Group in Fort Mill, SC!  It was an extraordinary service, an extraordinary crowd, and an extraordinary day.  In the excitement of the event, several of the local news stories that aired miscommunicated some key details (certainly not on purpose), that I wanted to take a moment to clarify.

To be absolutely clear, Renovatus is not moving its operation to Fort Mill or taking over any buildings.  We are renting space on Saturday nights from our dear friends at The Broadcast Group, a remarkable media company.  Based on the stories, we had calls this week asking if we were leaving West Charlotte.  We are just getting started turning the world upside from Little Rock Rd., and we are in it for the long haul!  By no means are we cutting and running from this mission we feel so passionately about.

In the meantime, we are so excited about expanding this work of kingdom renovation into Fort Mill/Rock Hill/Pineville/Ballantyne/South Charlotte through our Saturday services at the Broadcast Group.  They are a full-service media and event company providing HD/SD studio and live event production, equipment sales and rental, live web streaming, media consulting, post-production, event hosting, program distribution and placement and much more.  The team there has proudly assisted some of the world’s premier organizations such as HGTV, TD Jakes, Universal Studios, Billy Graham, the International Olympic Committee and many others.  They are an independent company under the direction of founder and president Dr. Dale Hill, with a reputation for excellence around the world.  It’s a great and humbling thing to be able to connect with these wonderful folks who have been doing such innovative work in our community for so long, and we so appreciate them opening up their headquarters to us on a weekly basis.

I keep looking at my calendar saying “Isn’t it March yet?”  We are thrilled about the Saturday services beginning March 5th at 6pm, and can’t wait to see you all in Fort Mill!   The renovation movement is reaching into more lives and more parts of the greater Charlotte community, and we are expecting explosive things.