+CLOSE RELATIONSHIP to God The Parable of the Prodigal Son:…


The Parable of the Prodigal Son:
The first son symbolizes those who continue trying to be faithful and vigilant.
The second son symbolizes those who slumber and do what they want while the Master hasn’t come back yet.
It’s a story of how the first may become last, and the last may become first.

Remember these:
+’He will come like the thief in the night.’
+Solomon tried to have and experience all that this world can offer. Solomon examined and tried to find “a purposeful life worthy living for” under the Sun, without God, but he failed. (Ecclesiastes)
Nothing really matters, nothing can really satisfy through it all, aside from having a close relationship with God.

For the first son, don’t be deceived! Worldly satisfaction are nothing, these are traps! Know that although the second son seemed to you at first that he got to enjoy the entertainment that this world can offer and favored unfairly by The Father. Get to know him, and you’ll know that he still suffered and although he still got to experience all of it, there is an “emptiness that he cannot fill.”

Suffering is part of life. The necessary sufferings nurture the soul. These are part of maturity and those that you have to face to continue growing the love within you. Unnecessary sufferings are those that results from choosing to sin, they are consequential punishment for the wrong doings.

For the second son, don’t fool yourself! Buddha said, “the problem is that you think you have time.” You think the first son is boring and just wasting his time being obedient and trying to be holy and perfect, while missing the worldly good times he should have had? Get to know the first son, ask him and you’ll know that he still cannot consider himself as holy nor perfect, but “taking the journey with God” is his greatest experience, the Most Precious Treasure, that nurtures and sustains him. That’s why you wonder why he was able to continue, keep trying, and be positive despite also suffering.

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