Communication: Know What Makes People Tick and What Ticks Them Off

Here’s a thought…
When it comes to communication, it’s probably best to find out what makes people tick and what ticks them off. Knowing both will keep your communication steered in the right direction.

If you are in a position where you are working with people constantly, this might be a good thought to keep in the back of your mind. Learning what makes people tick will enable you to motivate and inspire them, and learning what ticks them off will enable you to have a communication filter, and will help you choose timing and approach when you need to have “one of those” conversations…

Leading others has a lot to do with reading people… and there’s no formula you can use across the board to handle everyone.  You have to take it situation by situation, person by person – and that takes learning how you need to communicate with them personally. I’ve found that learning what makes those around you tick, and what ticks them off is a big help.

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