* Could any Practising Roman catholic prove the following claims…

* Could any Practising Roman catholic prove the following claims of their Church from the pages of the Scriptures? If any. shall deny that in the sacrament of the most holy Eucharist, there is contained truly,, really, and substantially the body and, blood, together with the soul and divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ, but shall say that he is only in it in sign or figure, or power, let him be accursed. And again it is said if any shall deny that wonderful and remarkable conversion of the whole substance of the bread into the body, and the whole substance of the wine into the blood, while only the appearance of bread and wine remains, which conversion the Catholic Church most aptly calls Transubstantiation, let him be accursed.” These blasphemous claims are made by the Roman Catholic Church and every faithfull who attends the Mass on a daily basis is called upon to belief as an article of faith. Had the Lord Jesus delegated or give the any of His Apostles the authority upon the pronouncement of the Mass the ability to convert the wafer host and wine into the actual body, blood, soul, and the actual Divinity of the Lord Jesus?
If that is the case then the very God of heaven would cease to be the Sovereign Creator of the Universe and would be place under the domain and controlled of the Bishop of Rome, namely the Pope and the Papacy. What utter non sense.

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