creator vs. consumer

Photo Credit

Sketches of Frank Gehry is an incredible documentary about one the most unique building designers in the world. I think of Gehry anytime I begin to delve into my creative side. I would have never thought of myself as creative until I began working with architecture in high school. When I found that I enjoyed creating something for someone. I remember the first house that I designed all by myself for a friend of my dad’s. I still have driven by it occasionally when I visit to remind myself that at heart we are all creators of something. I remember walking around that place when it first opened and thinking, I helped create this.

I know that this was the beginning of God doing something in my heart. I know enjoy photography, writing, playing my guitar, speaking, mentoring, and video work. I have learned to incorporate most of all those into whatever I am doing. I am finding the television off more and more, as I keep finding more and more space to create.

I would have to say that The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron was revolutionary for me.

Also, I am also a super fan of John Chandler – he has one of the most creative and challenging blogs I follow.

I am also heavily influenced by my wife Suzanne, she is the most well rounded artist I know personally. She is a writer, poet, painter, mixed media artist, and screenplay writer. I am exceedingly proud of how she continues to create beautiful pieces that reflect humanity and its’ need for grace.

So before turning on the television and consuming something tonight, try to write, paint, play, and see what happens.

disclaimer: I like tv and have no plans of EVER removing it, but I do
Hulu+ to make my watching more structured and my creative space more free.