“Dare To Believe” Dr. Mark Walker, June 30, 2019

Today Dr. Mark Walker dared us, as children of God to put our faith in God and trust His Word:
1. Dare to believe that God believes in you even when you doubt yourself whether you are the right person for the job.
Too often we let people, our past or circumstances to label us. We have to learn to trust God’s Word and believe what God says about us. Through the Bible the Lord teaching us to bring Him all what we have, so He could multiply it and give us what He has in store for us and show us who He is. In the Hebrews 11 there is a list of people called “people of faith” and they were called that only because they believed God and believed what God said about them.
2. Dare to believe even when you don’t feel God.
You should build your faith on the promise of God, which is God’s Word and never base your faith on what you feel or what you see, because God has promised His children “ I will never leave you nor for sake you.”
3. Dare to believe that God has a plan for you even when you feel He’s downsizing you. Just like Gideon’s army got downsized 1 to 40, believe that when you lose something -trust God that He’s preparing you for something greater! Judges7: 1-7.
Trust the Lord – because He has a plan for you!

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