December 24, 2017

We all have self. Don’t we? It’s not like it just comes to us. We are all born with sin and with our selfish ways but when we become a Christian we must do something with it. We must put it on a shelf. We must let it go. We must not let it continue to be a part of us anymore. Can you imagine if every Christian on earth put Self on a Shelf even just for Christmas? Can you imagine the change in the world? Can you imagine the impact for Christ that it would have? What a beautiful world it would be! We are supposed to be living that way all the time but we don’t. I know I don’t always live selfless. There’s always the battle with the flesh. I know people make all kinds of resolutions for the New Year. I think this is one that I need to grab hold of and try to really concentrate on. I need to put Self on a Shelf. I think if we begin to put self away, then Christmas will become real to us. All that giving to charity, all that helping the needy, all that goodwill towards men will really start to take root.

So, do you need to put Self on a Shelf?   


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