Defining Moments of 2012: Jesus Wants You Back

Defining Moment #13:
Jesus Wants You Back

 There is Someone that loves you beyond your wildest imagination.  Someone who cares for every detail of your life, sees every hurt and every happiness, and knows you better than you know yourself. This Someone wants the best for you at all times and has a plan with you in mind.  It may be difficult to believe, but it’s true.  This Someone is Jesus…and He wants you back.

Those words are the backbone behind our Jesus Wants You Back campaign.  What started as a sermon series geared toward reaching people who are far from God, turned into a website and a dream to reach thousands of people around the world for Jesus.  It also gives them tools to grow in their faith and plug into a local church.  “Jesus Wants You Back” is more than sermon series, but a movement that is designed to spark an unbelievable relationship with Christ.

With a lot of help from our team,, went live in the month of November.   This site gives people an avenue to also share their stories.  It is our belief that your story has authority and will draw people to the heart of God.  It’s easy to feel disconnected from God’s Word at times.  However, when you see life-change happening in people around you, it’s hard to negate the power and presence of Jesus in our world today.   We invite you to check out the site and listen to the stories.  But more than that, we invite you to SHARE YOUR STORY.   Imagine the hope that people may find in Jesus by witnessing first-hand what the Holy Spirit has done in your life!

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