Do the Next Thing

Tozer: “In the New Testament there is no contradiction between faith and obedience.”

A.W. Tozer was once approached by a man who asked Tozer to instruct him on how to begin obeying God. Tozer replied:

“Just do the next thing you know you should do to carry out the will of the Lord. If there is sin in your life, quit it instantly. Put away lying, gossiping, dishonest, or whatever your sin may be. Forsake worldly pleasures, extravagance in spending, vanity in dress, in your car, in your home. Get right with any person you may have wronged. Forgive everyone who may have wronged you. Begin to use your money to help the poor and advance the cause of Christ. Take up the Cross and live sacrificially. Pray, attend the Lord’s services. Witness for Christ, not only when it is convenient but when you know you should. Look to no cost and fear no consequences. Study the Bible to learn the will of God and then do His will as you understand it. Start now by doing the next thing, and then go on from there.”

Christ has not simply called us to believe, but to follow. Begin today by doing the next thing, and then going on from there.
[Quote adapted from Tozer’s book, Paths to Power.]
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