Do unbaptised believers go to Hell?

Do unbaptised believers go to Hell?

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  1. Baptism is only the public display of belief in Christ. What matters is if someone puts their faith unto Christ

  2. And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, To day shalt thou be with me in paradise.
    Luke 23:43 KJV

  3. No!.. they experience hard spiritual life because has not come under the authoity of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Baptizm means dying to old life and resurrecting to the new.

  4. Believing is the key, baptism is simply obedience that you’ve been forgiven for, whether you do or don’t get baptized

  5. No, baptism is only a declaration that you are a follower of Jesus Christ, it is an act of obedience to God’s command

  6. No baptism is a command after salvation. The question is if you repent and put your trust in Christ and are not unable to you should be baptized it’s a command. If you believe but don’t want to be baptized it’s time to examine yourself and see if you are truly saved. Because if you are why would you ignore a command. It’s an outward public expression of faith. But if you are unable to be baptized for whatever reason and repent and believe you are saved. We are saved through grace alone and faith alone, but we will have works as a result because if you don’t have a change of heart it may not be genuine salvation.

  7. You don’t have to preform some magical thing or say some magical word to be saved. The baptism itself isn’t a work that saves. However if you have been saved then the Holy Spirit will put the desire in your heart to get baptized and so if you don’t have a desire to be baptized your salvation is questionable.

  8. People who love Jesus will want to follow his command and be baptized. Some don’t have a chance to be baptized after their conversion, like the thief on the cross. So I would guess the answer is “no” but I have to wonder if anyone chooses not to be baptized, are they really a follower of Christ.

  9. Which baptism?
    Baptism of the Spirit or baptism of water?

    If they didnt have water baptism, its fine. They go to heaven. Baptism of the Spirit is just a public declaration and representation of our new life. Buried under the water as representation of our death and rising up again as representation of being a new person. Of being ‘Born again’. awesome right?
    If they dont have baptism with the spirit, thats a problem.
    The spirit is our seal of being God’s children. If you dont have a seal, you are not His.
    How do we get this Spirit? Through Christ.
    Accept Christ as your Lord and Saviour and live holy because God is Holy. If he miss this things which are important things to gain eternal life then you lose eternal life.

    Im sorry to not provide every verses that corresponds to what requirement we need in Spiritual salvation. Feep free to help me puzzle it together in replies.

  10. Jesus whole sermon on the mount was about the heart behind inward submission vs outward rule following.

    Only God knows the heart of man. We can look at examples like the their on the cross to see that baptism is not necessary per se.

    That being said baptism is more important than just a dunk in water.

    Baptism is an outward sign of an inward commitment to God, if one is so rebellious as to reject baptism then they probably aren’t saved.

    Look at how the New Testament refers to Old Testament figures. Noah was counted as righteous before the Lord before the covenant of circumcision because of his submission to God.

    Baptism is also how we receive the gift of the Holy Spirit and acts is full of accounts of baptism that show a sense of urgency behind it.

    Is baptism the saving atonement? No

    Is baptism likely a sign of genuine repentance and submission to the authority of God over you and your life which is necessary to your salvation? Yes

  11. Did the theif on the cross who simply asked Jesus to remember him go to hell? Not according to Jesus. If hehad the opportunity to be baptized I’m sure he would have.

  12. Baptism is a rite of the franchise known as the Roman Catholic Church with them trying to keep their spiritual property in tack and the revenues coming in.

  13. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.

    Mark 16:16

  14. The one that does not believe is the one that is not babtised. Acts 8 v 36 and 37… as they travelled they reached some waters. The eunuch asked Phillip. .
    “Behold here is water, what is stopping me from being babtised?
    Phillip said to him, “if you believe with all your heart it can be done. ..
    He answered and said..”I believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God.”
    38. They stopped the chariot, and both went down to the water and he was baptised.

  15. Baptism is an outward symbol of the spiritual baptism that has happened in a person. So no a person who has been baptized with the Spirit of God will surely go to heaven even if he/she did not undergo water baptism. So then what is water baptism: it a outward symbol of what has happened in one’s life, it is an act that shows that one has died in his/her sins and raised to life with Christ Jesus. Hope that helps

  16. No, but the the first instruction after accepting Jesus is go be baptized.

    Baptism is an outward profession of our face aka symbolic. That being said so is so is the Lords Supper or Communion. The Bible says not to take of it unless you are good with God don’t take it unworthily as a warning. I believe Baptism is where the natural world and heavenly world meet, which is why the heavens opened when Jesus Himself was baptized.

  17. Yes, its possible. The demons believe and shutter. Just because you believe doesn’t mean that you are a child of God. Now if your question means a saved person then no. Baptism has no affect on salvation. Baptism is something we do as a result of being saved

  18. What most are missing is the period of growth, or time period of growth. A baby born into the world doesn’t go to college the next day

  19. You are justified by faith ALONE. Baptism plays no role in justification. If you are justified, you are adopted by God as a fellow heir with Christ and are thus “there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”

  20. No. Baptism is an act of obedience one should fulfill. If a believer refuses to be baptized one should be concerned. But baptism in and of itself is not required for salvation.

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