— For starter individuals. In spiritual warfare, we believe we…

— For starter individuals. In spiritual warfare, we believe we…

— For starter individuals.

In spiritual warfare, we believe we must speak the word to tackle rebel thoughts. And that’s good too; because speaking the word helps in renewing the mind. However it is not enough to fill the mind with the word, we must seek to trust it; as trust is what makes the word into an efficient mechanism for peace. And Jesus as with God, counts peace as the utmost. Therefore in filling the mind with the word, always seek understanding — as it comes shinning with truth; and truth with faith; and faith with joy. Furthermore, understanding is what turns theoretical belief into spiritual truth. And when to you, belief becomes true; congratulations, the mind has been made new and the tongue has no more to prove. For even as no one argues over logic; so as the truth become logical with you.

— For growing individuals.

In spiritual warfare, let your attitude display the gravity of the reality of the truth. And with it, give strength to those who still battle darkness using theoretical belief. Theoretical believers are those who still await the understanding of the word which is the life and power of the truth. Simply put, they still await the Holy Spirit. Understanding however is what stamps a soldier as fit for war. Therefore do not be ignorant of the state of theoretical believers. For though they cling verbally to the letter, they have not known the Father. See them then as captives who must still be liberated and delivered to the Father they speak of. This is where your attitude comes in. For with your attitude you reveal the power of the living word. So that by your attitude, theoretical believers may glimpse at the light of the understanding of truth. Furthermore, when you see a captive who without understanding uses the living word as nothing but letters without life, reveal the path of your attitude step by step. For the path of the righteous is wisdom. And it is with wise counsel that you wage the war of liberation for all captives. Knowing that whosoever wins souls is wise.

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