Haven of Hope International

Orphan Sunday—Why Should It Be Only One Sunday Each Year?

The Christian community designates one Sunday each year as Orphan Sunday. The day is specifically designed to observe and bring awareness to individuals, families, churches, and para-church organizations to hear the distressing cry of 153 million orphans around the world.

But why just one day a year we ask?  Orphan care is a 365 day—24 hours a day of care—a staggering 8760 hours of care for one orphaned child.  Multiply that out by 153 million and you can understand the term Orphan Crisis and that we simply have to do better than one day a year of building awareness. And, alongside the orphans are the countless thousand that help care for these children, most often in struggling homes that are barely providing shelter, food, and clothing, let alone the medical and trauma care that most of these children desperately needed.

Haven of Hope International has not only been called to serve the unadopted orphans—but to raise the standard of care. Each year we actively support Orphan Sunday, building awareness and raising much needed financial support. However, each day we receive more and more requests for financial support from orphanage homes around the world, which has led to our 2021 focus on creating a MOVEMENT, not just one day to be the voice for these children.

We are seeking monthly support commitments through our RESCUE fund and invite you to help out in meeting the most urgent needs of our orphan home partners.  To join our Movement and bring awareness and support to orphan care more than one Sunday a year, visit the Haven of Hope International COGWM Project #102-3004.  To help specific COGWM homes we partner with, please reference as follows: Haven of Hope, Santa Cruz, Bolivia–Project # 102-3004-150; Refuge of Life Pucallpa, Peru — Project # 102-3004-151; Operation Smile Poonah, Trinidad–Project # 102-3004-152.