Hello, I am a Christian, but am still undecided as…

I am a Christian, but am still undecided as far as protestant and catholicism are concerned (I haven’t ever considered Eastern orthodoxy yet). The point of discussion which I find persuasive on the Catholic account is the problem of authority: who decides the correct interpretation on scripture, and who decided the canon – given that it was the ecumenical councils that decided which books were legitimately/illegitimately canonical. Thus, any confusion about doctrine is easily obviated by papal infallibility, which helps us avoid inter-denominational conflict.

If I accept papal infallibility, then I must accept any doctrine declared by the papal office. Thus I find the merits of the veneration of saints, purgatory etc a pointless debate until this one has been settled.

I’d appreciate any views on these points. Also, do you have any recommended readings on this topic?

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