I was talking with a friend this morning--and I asked, "Who are your heroes in life?" I was disheartened to hear that my friend really has no "heroes." I'm more than happy to share some of mine.

Most of my heroes in life are teachers/professors and people in full-time ministry. These are the people who have most affected my life...and helped me to "walk forward" over the last almost 50 years (wow...I'm getting OLDer).

It has been those teachers/professors who "instructed me" in the ways of life, living, and learning. More than one teacher took this little "orphan boy" and helped him "learn"...I was always CRAZY about most of my teachers through my educational career...Some of these same people are still my dearest friends...I could never have survived without them.

The precious pastors in my life---what can I say about them? These people have shepherded my soul...made me part of the larger "family" in the local church....prayed for me when I was sick, applauded me when I did well, and encouraged me when I didn't do so well. These "people of God" have given me opportunities that I could never have dreamed of having otherwise...

My heroes.

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