Hey You !

There is “called” ministry and “appointed” ministry. The Lord calls us to His ministry. I have and will always be guided by Jesus’ calling on my life. What someone titles me matters not to me. I answer to “hey you” or “Bishop” or “Rev.” whatever. If people can’t determine what I am “called” to do by seeing my fruit – I’m not interested. 

In 1993, I didn’t arrive in Kenya, East Africa as an evangelist, but as a teacher. Yet, I had already organized & preached 100 (out of a total of 184 / 3-7 days long) large-format evangelism crusade meetings in Kenya & Uganda BEFORE anyone said I was an evangelist. I never titled myself an evangelist either; though that is one of the things I do in ministry. I never got paid to do it; instead I paid tens of thousands of dollars to support my 9-member gospel team, purchase $250,000 worth of equipment (over the years), travel, setup, repair, etc. 

I did NONE of it to be identified as an evangelist. I did ALL of it to spread the Word, the Kingdom, and win thousands to the Lord!  If they said, “Hey You” is coming to preach right now – I would preach the same!!!