I think this is the right time for this. Please…

I think this is the right time for this. Please read completely and take time to understand before you respond. God bless
I have always wondered how Jesus survived 40 days of fasting in the wilderness to the point that Satan used food as a temptation.
I have heard various explanations.
I have wondered how Jesus survived the beatings before the crucifixion and how he survived for the length of time he did on the cross. I have heard various explanations.

I was praying about this for awhile and the thought came to me.
The wages of sin is death. We die because we sin.
Jesus was sinless. Jesus could not die because Jesus had never sinned.
He could go 40 days without eating and survive because He couldn’t die because He had never sinned. Imagine going without food or water for 40 days and not being able to die. It explains the 1st temptation.
Jesus could endure the beatings and crucifixion and live because He had never sinned and therefore could not die. The blood loss and trauma from the beatings alone would have been massive. He was physically weakened and needed help to carry His cross but He didnt die or even pass out. He was without sin.
It wasn’t until on the cross that the sins of mankind were laid on Him and He was able to “die” to become obedient even unto death. He was paid our wage, the wage of death. Until our sins were placed on Jesus He could not know death because He was sinless.

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