if you believe in a closed universe governed by natural…

if you believe in a closed universe governed by natural…

The Beginner’s Guide to Apologetics is a series of articles, I’ve commissioned and edited, from a team of writers around the world. It’s designed to give an accessible way into the main lines of argument for the faith. We’ve published a few already, and will be publishing more, one every fortnight. Here are some links to what’s there so far:

The Argument from Miracles by David Nixon https://wp.me/p9HhRI-6Xi

The Argument from Religious Experience by Sean Oliver-Dee https://wp.me/p9HhRI-6z9

The Argument from the resurrection of Jesus https://wp.me/p9HhRI-6z5

The Argument from the Life of Jesus https://wp.me/p9HhRI-6w7

The Kalam Cosmological Argument by Jonathan McLatchie https://wp.me/p9HhRI-6zc

The Argument from Design by Fazale Rana https://wp.me/p9HhRI-6yH,

The Fine-Tuning Argument by Max Baker-Hytch https://wp.me/p9HhRI-6w9

The Best-fit Argument Part Two by Greg Ganssle https://wp.me/p9HhRI-6yO

The Best-fot Argument Part One by Greg Ganssle https://wp.me/p9HhRI-6yK

The Argument from Contingency by David Nixon https://wp.me/p9HhRI-6w2

A Beginner’s Guide to Apologetics – Introduction by Gavin Matthews https://wp.me/p9HhRI-6vD

if you believe in a closed universe governed by natural laws, then miracles will seem implausible and impossible because you have already assumed that there is nothing and no-one beyond the universe who can intervene. However, that belief is not based on objective science but personal faith

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