I’m not a Calvinist. But it appears as though ……

I’m not a Calvinist. But it appears as though ……

I’m not a Calvinist. But it appears as though …

“ARMINIANS” preach the “gospel” more from am evangelical perspective trying to reach all men. Which is great! (Phil 1:18)

“Calvinist” have more of a “divine” centered gospel approach. That is; if God wills it after the seed is planted, He will cause the increase. Which is truth. (1 Cor 3:7)

Heres what I find interesting though,…

Either side when preaching or proclaiming the truth to an Atheist or unbeliever, can attest that when questions come up like, abortions, rape, death, evil… and the “atheist” says things like,

“I could never believe in a God that let’s that happen…blah..etc….”

Both C’s and A’s expect that statement and can understand it.

But what I dont understand is how, when the righteousness of God is preached via the proclamation of predestination, election, Gods sovereign will, Gods wrath, eternal judgments, Gods holiness in election and reprobation, ……..the so called “Arminian” then becomes like the atheist and says the same rhetoric such as….

“I could never believe in a God like that”

“That’s your God, not my god” blah…etc..

I also have noticed from observation “Arminians” that believe they are saved… because of what they have done :
(calling out to Him, saying a prayer, walking an aisle, coming to the altar) …..
tend to be
(not always,but more times than not)
from my observation alot more emotional and alot less sound.

Calvinist (at least from my observation on an overall general scale) tend to be less filled with swaying and emotional or irrational thoughts and rebuttals than their Arminian counterparts.

It would appear to me that is because those who follow the so called Calvinist doctrine,
( I am neither btw. I only claim to be a follower of the Way. (1 Cor 3:4))
Seem to know and understand that there Salvation can not and will not be taken from them if they have been made to believe in the One who saves. (John 10:28)

While the Arminian sees his salvation as something that can be lost and most certainly will be lost if they do not hold tight to their salvation with their own strength.

This is just some of my opinionated observance. Clearly speculative. And without proof positive. So know need to angrily defend. But please feel free to engage in healthy discussion. It is my hope and wish that all would come to the same mind. (1 Cor 1:10)

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