Is it really about Evidence of God, or all about…

Is it really about Evidence of God, or all about…

Is it really about Evidence of God, or all about Belief?

Unfortunately both non believers and “most” believers have never bothered to identify God in the first place and start from a false premise.

Faith for the believers is miss understood and in context of scriptures is the beginning of Trust, Trust in God, trust in one’s relationship with God, having no thoughts of tomorrow and come to the knowledge of God, to do the will and purpose of God.

The evidence of God is and will never be the issue, despite what non believers claim and if any one has talked to atheists, they like to have an escape, avoid, deny, introduce a new topic and end the conversation with personal attacks.

They also like to hide behind claims of believers been bias, Special pleading, Fallacies of all descriptions, straw man and anything else that helps them find an escape.

it’s all about belief and a reason to believe or to refute and reject God as God becomes a problem to the non believers and they know they are and will be accountable for everything they say and do, regardless, as none will be found without excuse

The atheists claim of what they require as follows.

1./ A coherent definition of God.
2./ A set of empirically testable and falsifiable predictions based on the supposition that God exists.
3./ Test results that match those predictions and are more parsimoniously explained by God’s existence than any other hypothesis.

Non believers don’t think you can answer those questions or provide the evidence, let’s test if it’s about evidenced or the capacity to believe shall we.

Thousands of years ago God described Himself in the following manner long before scientists could confirm the science itself.

God is eternal, Timeless, Spaceless and Immaterial.
Always was and always will be.
None before Him or after Him, the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.
Who created in order Space, then later introduce Time and matter.

God is Triune in Nature being 1 whole, recognised as 3 in 1, 3 as 1, or 3 parts of one. (Not to be confused with the false doctrine of the Trinity) who created all things and is in all things seen and unseen, as there was nothing made that was not made by Him.

God is Spiritual, the all powerful unseen force.

According to the description God gave of Himself, Being Triune in Nature is the following.

God is Energy, Energy in motion, energy expressed in matter.
The Word energy wasn’t put into use until around 4 BC.

Science confirms that energy can’t be created or destroyed, the universe could not come into existence without the Triune Nature of God and life on this planet could not possibly exist without the Triune Nature of God, clearly evidenced in all things seen and unseen.

Earth, 3rd planet from the sun called the Goldilocks zone where life is possible to exist. (Coincidence?).

Earth, water and atmosphere. Coincidence?).

God spends three days preparing the earth for inhabitants and 3 days filling the earth with inhabitants resting on the 7th day. Coincidence?).

Tree = roots, trunk and branches.
Fruit tree, fruit, seed within the fruit.
Animals, male and female and their seed after their own kind (not species).

Adam, Eve taken from out of Adam and their seed, children.

I could go on for hours, though they are seen, so what about unseen?

Science confirms that the building blocks of all things is the atom itself, 3 molecules in 1. Coincidence?).

Eggs, Cells the body all have 3 major components in 1.

Water is first water with two other expressions of itself, steam and ice.
Water 3 molecules in 1.

I’m sure you can work out the long list of testable evidence yourself, yes.

Without the Triune Nature of God, if God was to withdraw Himself from this universe, from this planet and from you yourself, you cannot exist, nothing of the materialistic world could of came into existence or sustain itself from within itself.

That’s the physical evidence of God, always been available right in front of your eyes and God says I am evidenced in all things, clearly seen and observed.

Special note atheists won’t do the following and avoid it in topic.

?You can also validate God for yourself and follow the instructions God left mankind for direct evidence of Himself, receiving the promise of God, the very Spirit of God, even the Spirit of truth, which is observable, measurable, consistent and peer reviewed evidence over thousands of years.

So is it physical evidence of God you seek?
Is it direct evidence of God you seek, or do you still have an issue with your own ignorance and unbelief?

You are invited to test the premise God set mankind and gain mutual consent to enter into a relationship with God and come to the kingdom of God.

You choose, free will in action right there, yes….

Written by Grant Reedy.

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