Is the theological view of the Person and Ministry of…

Is the theological view of the Person and Ministry of Jesus Christ as presented by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society consistent with the views that the writers of the scriptures presents of Him?.observed the following quotation ‘First, Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that Christ was Jehovah’s first creation and the instrument
through whom he created the rest of existence. As a created being, Christ is not true God; he is merely the Son of God, otherwise known as Michael the Archangel. When Christ came to earth, he became nothing more than a perfect man, the equivalent of Adam before the fall. After his death, he was conferred with immortality as a reward for his perfect obedience to Jehovah’ will. Christ once again was raised to heavenly existence as Michael the Archangel, who will reign over all creation as a millennial king. Second, Christ came to earth to demonstrate how to be a faithful Witness of Jehovah, and he died an innocent
sacrificial death to cancel out Adam’s sin for humanity. Third and finally, Christ’s cancelling Adam’s sin means
that during his millennial reign the vast majority of humanity will receive one full and fair opportunity to prove to Jehovah their worthiness for everlasting life, the same opportunity that was afforded Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden’. I ask any sincere student of the scriptures is this the gospel of the person and works of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour as presented by His Apostles?. We are enjoined by the scriptures to have to fellowship to the works of darkness to reprove them. Eph 5:11 and to earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto us Jude verse 3.


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