It Gets So Hard to Trust Anymore

I've always been the type to be too trusting. I get told that all the time, and in fact I am told frequently that I am stupid for being as trusting as I am. Maybe it is just trying to give people the benefit of the doubt... or maybe I am just too naive. I really don't know which it is, but I do generally trust people, until they give me a reason not to.  Yes, I get burned... but as a result, I generally know who I can trust and where I am safe in confiding things that are of a sensitive nature. But man, it sure does sting when you find out that trust has been misplaced and someone just could not wait to run out and burn you! Live and learn. But it sure does hurt when you discover those who you thought had your back end up using your back to climb a little higher themselves. I happen to believe in the simple philosophy of what goes around comes around... or as we put it from a scriptural stand point, "you reap what you sow."  Use someone, hurt someone... guess what's coming down your pike?