Keep Sowing

I pray that everyone had a great Easter weekend. Our service at Friendship was awesome and our community event Sunday evening was off the hook! We saw decisions made for Christ and that's what it is all about. I realize that some of you invited people who did not show,or perhaps came, but did not make a decision. Do not give up on your Hosanna prayers and do not quit sowing seeds of Good News in to their lives. Do not quit inviting them. Do it every week! I want to share a story from Pastor Perry Noble about something that happened at there services this past weekend. Check out how God can move if we give Him the chance.

This year for our Easter services one of my opening illustrations was taken from the movie “Smokey and the Bandit.”  I talked about how in 1977 that I really wanted the Trans Am that was in that movie…and thought that if I could have it then I would never want anything else again.  (The message will be online and on itunes by noon tomorrow.)
Anyway, a family had been inviting a friend of theirs to NewSpring for three years and he finally came to a service last night.  (Don’t EVER give up on people!!!)  He did not pray to receive Christ during the service…HOWEVER…
On the way home he was listening to the radio and “East Bound & Down” by Jerry Reed (The theme song for “Smokey & the Bandit”) came on!  When that happened he pulled his car over on the side of the road and surrendered his life to Christ!

Wow! What a testimony! So there you go, go sow some seeds!.....STEP FORWARD!