Local Missions Representatives Rally & Celebration DVD Set Now Available

Local Missions Representatives Rally & Celebration DVD Set Now Available

The four (4) disc DVD set from Saturday’s session of the recent Local Missions Representative Rally is now ready to be shipped. Priced at $20.00 per set (including shipping) or $5 per individual DVD, you can access the following sessions:

Disc One

Item 00417B

Core Values of World Missions

Douglas LeRoy

Training Workers: Education & Literature

Bill George

Donor Services

Ken Blanton

Video Tools for You

Grady Murphy

Developing Missions Awareness

Molly Cox

Disc Two

Item 00417C

Partners In Missions

Men and Women of Action

Teddie Bennett

People for Care and Learning

Jennifer Tollefson

Volunteers in Medical Missions

Stoney Abercrombie

Children of the World

Richard Baker

Women’s Discipleship

Wanda LeRoy

Knowing Our Missionaries

Calvin Wood

Missionary Card Ministry

Virginia Lilley

LMR Interaction

Douglas LeRoy

Commissioning Service

Aubrey Maye

Disc Three

Item 00417D

Missions Representative Panel

Ben McGlamery

Chuck Duncan

Bob Daugherty

Gary Tygart

Ray Sanders

LMR’s Share Ideas

David Smoot

Mike Hendel

Charlene Cureau

Ruth Eastman

Kathy King

Robert Sheppard

Disc Four

Item 00417E

Song by Dr. Tim Hill

Till the Land

Sermon: “The Great Commission Challenge for the Local Church”

Dr. Tim Hill

A wonderful overflow of ideas and motivation come from the numerous speakers involved. You can benefit from these presentations as you absorb the vital information.

There are three ways to order.

1 – Call 1800 345-7492 and ask for Cathy at ext. 7187

2 – Email your order to missionscommunications@cogwm.org

3 – Follow the link on www.cogwm.org

Local Missions Representatives: Bridging the Local Church and the Global Missions Harvest!