Main Event 2013 Article

Precious Daughters of Rachel,

We have just come out of some of the greatest meetings ever at Voice of Evangelism. Last week at Main Event 2013, truly the Glory came down. It could only be described as… “Old-Time Pentecost.” In the altars, we had as many young praying for the older as vice versa. Everywhere you turned, people were being saved, healed, delivered and filled with the Baptism of the Holy Ghost. I saw little girls and boys as young as 6 years old receiving from God such as you only hear described in “the good-ole days.” This little girl, 6 years old, weighed about 25 pounds and was about 25 inches tall received the “Holy Ghost” as evidenced by speaking in tongues. But, I love the rest of her story. When she received, with stammering lips she spoke only a few syllables at a time. Now, most people would have been satisfied with that. But not “Baby Rain.” A little while later she started crying out to God… “No God No! When You gave the Holy Ghost to my sister (age 9) and to my mommy, You gave them ALL! But to me, You only gave me a little. I don’t want a little, I want MORE!” Then, as she began to worship our Lord with all her heart, He released into her a full language experience. A few days later her mother said, “all she wants to do now is pray in tongues.” Oh Daughters, I could share so many more testimonies but must move on. To all of you ladies who were able to come, I say “Thank You” for your Faithfulness, your Prayers and all of your Hard Work. God allowed me to experience a very special moment one day while working at the DOR table. As I watched you all standing in lines for 1 ½ to 2 hours before the doors opened, singing old hymns of days gone by, not because you “Had” to go and pray, but because you “Got” to go and pray, my heart began to swell. My eyes filled with tears and I whispered, “Oh Lord, I am so proud of the Daughters of Rachel.” Then, I realized that what I was feeling was “The Heart of God toward His Daughters.” To you ladies who were not able to attend I say “Thank You” for keeping these meetings lifted-up in your prayers. The most frequent comments heard through- out the week from the DOR were… “So Powerful! Such Unity! Oh, the Love I Feel!” Overall as a group, the Daughters of Rachel functioned as a “well-oiled machine.”

At this time, I would like to send a great big Welcome to our new ladies who have joined our Powerful Prayer Team this past year. You are now a part of an international group of women who know how to “go to the Throne!” We Praise You Lord!

At this time, we say “Thank You” to Perry and Pam for the wonderful luncheon at the Mountain View Inn. We just flat had fun! We treasure these times, when we’re able to come together for fellowship… Perry sharing his heart… the Daughters capturing a fresh vision for VOE for the next year…and our prayers reflect it.

Ladies, don’t forget to pray for Perry’s up-coming 2013 Israel Tours, November 17th thru December 4th. Everyday pray for: safety and protection, good weather, no sickness or injuries of any kind, that all equipment will function as it was created to function, no problems of any kind, supernatural wisdom and revelation over Perry and Gideon, that Perry, Pam, Jonathan and Amanda will be strengthened and refreshed in every area of their lives as a result of this trip, that hearts will be touched and lives will be forever changed for all that were so blessed to be able to be a part of this Holy Land Experience.

Don’t forget to pray every day our 7-point battle plan. Make this a daily habit.
Coming Soon… monthly devotions/teachings on prayer at our DOR link on the VOE Website.
Now ladies, until next time… don’t forget… “Keep the Faith, Hang-on to Jesus, and Pray Daughters Pray!”

~Ellen Kanode