Mark this day…an update on Kathy Isaacs…11.16.10

Mark this day…an update on Kathy Isaacs…11.16.10

Mark this day…it is a pivot point for us…today Dr. Thompson determined that Kathy’s condition warrants a cessation of her chemo treatment until January 16, 2011! Following the scan results which show no increased activity in either PET or CT scans and blood numbers that have fallen dramatically since our last visit, the chance for repreive and a break from chemo was warranted. As you all know, Kathy has held tightly to the reality that God has led her to Dr. Thompson and that this relationship transcends medical science. Today was evidence of that in several ways…

First, Dr. Thompson’s exact words were “I sense God saying to me This is a window of opportunity for us to stop the treatment and see how your body reacts on its own. We may find it will take care of things on its own from here on out.” She has never been so bold before, so confident that we were on the track to “cancer free”. Let me stress, they are not saying Kathy is cancer free–in fact, there remains a small tumor that’s activity is almost none but it is still there. The PET scan shows a dramatic drop in activity in this area, indicating that there is no cancer spread or growth…it is largely dormant, although not medically so.

Secondly, in her personal moments with Kathy she came in close and said “I wish I could bottle up your faith and courage and dispense to all my patients. You have made a major impact on my life.” With that she hugged and held Kathy and said “I wish I could do more to help you.” Dr. Thompson has never been fully open with us about the tragedy she endured this year with the loss of her husband and in recent years, the loss of a child, however it is clear that Dr. Thompson recognizes faith in Kathy and draws from that relationship.

Thirdly, in response to Kathy’s reminder to her that prayers go up every day from our family and friends for her, her career, her family and the patients she sees, she said “In all my years, I’ve never had a patient/doctor relationship like this. I’m sure God arranged this and you are so special to me.” In fact, we have always believed that this journey was more than cancer. I felt God whisper that to me in California last summer in the form of the question , “WHAT IF THIS ABOUT MORE THAN CANCER AND KATHY?” In truth, I’m confident God has chosen the journey to accomplish things we can only watch and wonder about. Just this week, someone contacted Kathy about the impact When Leaves Turn Under is having for a family in her church. We have made no hiding of our desire that God use this experience for His glory and Honor.

We are coming home today…for the first time in 19 months without having to take chemo and during the next 60 days, we plan to celebrate the holidays, enjoy our family and friends and anticipate what God has done.

Thanks for your continued prayers.