Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from Travis, Kelly, Kourtney, McKenna, and Blake Johnson

This Christmas I’m thankful for the circumstances into which Jesus was born: humble, common, and chaotic.  He continues to step into the lives of the down and out, the up and out, the self sufficient, the desperate.  Regardless of where we reside or what circumstances we have, Jesus steps in and lives among us with a plan for our redemption.

I’m thankful for a God that is above us…but, who is not fearful of being among us.  My prayer is that you’ll receive the gift of a Savior born among us, who lived and did miracles.  And, as thanks, He was beaten murdered, and thrown in a hole which was incapable of holding Him.  Today, He’s resurrected and ascended and making intercession for us.  God loves us with an amazing love.

Merry Christmas!