My First Copy is Here!

I’m sitting here at school looking through my first review copy of These Moments Pass!

For those that haven’t yet heard, I’m publishing a small collection of original poetry (53 pages) to sell through Amazon (first in Paperback, and – in a few weeks – on the Kindle).

I’m really excited about it, too!

I believe you’d definitely enjoy having this collection, so keep checking back here for more details about the release date. It’ll be available in Paperback within a couple of weeks, and then on Kindle a few weeks later.

Also – if you’re interested in receiving a FREE copy and becoming a blog-partner, leave a comment on this post (or send me a tweet @RevKevinWalker) and I’ll get the information to you. I’m going to select about 10 people for this, so let me know ASAP if you’re interested.

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