My First Copy is Here!

My First Copy is Here!

I’m sitting here at school looking through my first review copy of These Moments Pass!

For those that haven’t yet heard, I’m publishing a small collection of original poetry (53 pages) to sell through Amazon (first in Paperback, and – in a few weeks – on the Kindle).

I’m really excited about it, too!

I believe you’d definitely enjoy having this collection, so keep checking back here for more details about the release date. It’ll be available in Paperback within a couple of weeks, and then on Kindle a few weeks later.

Also – if you’re interested in receiving a FREE copy and becoming a blog-partner, leave a comment on this post (or send me a tweet @RevKevinWalker) and I’ll get the information to you. I’m going to select about 10 people for this, so let me know ASAP if you’re interested.

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