Never Give Up

It is inevitable that bad days will come. That some days, you will be better than others. The reason is is that we are not yet perfect. Though we are to strive everyday to grow closer to God through faith in Christ and fellowship with the Holy Spirit, there are times that our flesh will rise up. I am in no way giving liscense to sin. Romans 6 tells us that we are not to continue in a lifestyle of sin. However he also reminds us in Romans 7 that we still have a struggle with our flesh. In fact he cries out "oh wretched man that I am!" have you ever felt like that? I have. It is a feeling of almost hopelessness. A feeling that you are never going to achieve what you want to become. A feeling that you are a failure. It is in this moment that we must read the rest of what Paul wrote, "who can save me?! Thank God! The answer is Jesus Christ our Lord!" we must remember that we can not do the work ourselves. It is Christ who works in us. It is His grace and forgiveness. The Bible says that He is able to finish what He began in us. Perhaps what we need today is to recommit ourselves to trusting in His grace and not our works........STEP Forward!