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At a funeral the other day a friend drove down to the flat lands from Boone, NC. In the course of conversation I asked how the church he attended was doing. It is closed down and sold now. Some of us are trying to have church in our homes. He attended, did not know the finances, but was sure they were paying the bills.
I was surprised at the attitude. He said he was told by a dist pastor, “You know that Boone is a College town, and the students are not interested in church.”

I always figured a College town would be ripe for a church like a military town, but I could be wrong. The near by church of the tourist town of Blowing Rock is also closed.

I figure in NC many students would be from COG families and migrate to a COG? I am puzzled that some young man/woman could not stir up interest enough to keep a church there in Boone.

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