“No religion” is outpacing Christianity as one of America’s fastest-growing…

Do you guys think atheism is a religion?

I do. It requires just as much faith as any other metaphysical belief system. It has even taken science and government for its supreme “deities”.

“No religion” is outpacing Christianity as one of America’s fastest-growing religions. In a recent Pew Research poll, 40% of Millennials identify as “unaffiliated”.

29 comments on “No religion” is outpacing Christianity as one of America’s fastest-growing…

  1. The odds of life originating by itself being 1 in 10^164th power puts faith in atheism off the table for me. Lol. No such thing as “simple” life and the evidence for Jesus is incredible. ?

  2. If atheists refer to God as magic, I’d rather believe in a God abracadabra’ing for six days and acknowledge it’s magic, rather than believe in nothing abracadabra’ing for billions of years and yet be delusional arguing it’s a natural process.

    It’s completely laughable.

  3. Government is a phenomenon that belongs to THEISM! All authority is from God. Universal human rights is a rejection of Evolutionary dogma!

  4. Every person believes in something, whether it’s some form of deity or ourselves, and we act according to our beliefs. However, only one belief has positive eternal rewards.

  5. Everyone believes in a miracle. Lol. Ask the atheist to finish this statement, “in the beginning…..”. Their next words will describe a miracle. ?

  6. Atheism is a religion just like not collecting stamps is a hobby. Atheism is simply the absence of belief and not a declaration of belief in any deity religious philosophy.

  7. I believe I remember hearing or reading the SCOTUS had declared it a religion. My assumption here is that a religion would be defined philosophically as those believes that inform, influence, and guide.

  8. Atheism is a religion based on the ideology of materialism Just like Christianity is based on monotheism. The question is whitch religious perspective is true

  9. Atheism is just naturalism in disguise. If you’re an atheist who isn’t a naturalist, you’re an agnostic.

  10. An atheist is someone who is not convinced that a god exists.
    It takes zero faith to not be convinced of something.

  11. Being an Atheist is hard, you have to be stubborn to the max in denying the presence of God. No matter how many evidences presented, one still doesn’t see it. – ie: child birth in mother’s womb. How Atheist explains how unique the process is right from the very beginning till the child is delivered..

  12. If atheism is a religion, then not collecting stamps and not believing in fairies is also a religion…

  13. I do not believe atheism is a religion. It is the complete absence of religion subsequently the name atheism. No belief.
    If you choose to objectify this lack of belief and deep inverted personal pride and egotism than you are in error.

  14. The definition of religion includes “a pursuit or interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance.” Atheism fits that definition. One must have faith to believe its tenets.

  15. As far as I’m concerned the only actual non-religious people are those who claim they “don’t care” about the subject. Everyone else belongs to a religion. Atheists deists agnostics, those are all beliefs. Even the goofy group that says we have a “lack of belief”, they still affirmatively hold opinions, which by definition ARE beliefs.

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