(OPINION) IBT – A science writer warned that the Earth’s…

(OPINION) IBT – A science writer warned that the Earth’s magnetic field has been drastically weakening over the past hundreds of years. If this continues,

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10 thoughts on “(OPINION) IBT – A science writer warned that the Earth’s…

  1. Arthurius Chan says:

    The magnetic theory is a farce fake and there isn’t any existence of magnetic earth and all these are fake news from alien demons satanic lucifer lies who control the corrupted world order government to cause fear to mankind and to divert mankind from God…………..The earth that we’re living is a flat earth (flat disc with the artic circle in the centre of the dice earth and the antarctic form the circumference of the earth and the earth stands on solid foundation a with the doom firmament that represent the sky and the sun and moon revolves round the earth. Mankind have been taught by corrupted education that the earth is a round sphere revolving round the sun 365 days and tremendous speed and our solar system is like moving sphere revolving round the universe……….we have been fooled.!!!!

  2. Imelda Redshaw says:

    The poles are about to flip. Goodness knows when. The Bible speaks of an earthquake like never seen before. Maybe the poles flipping could trigger a global earthquake. Ken Peter’s saw a prophetic vision in 1980. Go on you tube and watch Ken Peter’s. I saw the tribulation. It’s scripturally sound.

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