ourCOG TAKEOVER (A Decade Later): The LUNCHEON

ourCOG TAKEOVER (A Decade Later): The LUNCHEON

ourCOG.org was launched on 18 October, 2010 at 06:08 AM

4 DEC 2012 @jasonbrowning23 => something’s fishy. Saw @MartyBaker in church yesterday and now @TravisJohnson73 is in town today. Who’s next? @renovatuspastor?

‏4 DEC 2012 @eddierobbins => @jasonbrowning23 @MartyBaker @TravisJohnson73 @renovatuspastor You may see the Rabbi tomorrow.

4 DEC 2012 @eddierobbins => @MTPropes @Stephensjdavid It was an honor to be included today. #ourCOG is going to be great!

Travis Johnson: We have a beta team (me, corrie Isaacs, Jonathan Martin, Tom Sterbens, and Eddie Robbins). Whiteboard Network, the Alderman Group, the Executive Committee, and the Communications guys from COG (Cameron Fisher, Scot Carter, Chad Guyton, Eric Wilbanks) and David Gosnell.

We’re working through things…heading into beta (i’ll have a very few invites that I can dish out)…as do other members of the beta. Then, we’re aiming at an early January launch.

Sitting here and working through this makes me really appreciative for all that’s gone into Actscelerate and the grassroots CoG twitter activity over the past few years.

I think everyone is going to like where this is going…going to be a really great platform for us. It definitely won’t be a replacement of ACTS…think they’ll complement one another well.

Anyway, from me to all the COG social media pioneers, much love. This is a pretty good moment that you made happen. I think Doyle and the Actscelerate tribe and Bibliata who helped fire up the #ourcog hashtag originally have every right to smile and be encouraged for a really great contribution and platform already developed and stout on its own…take on another life and go the next step.

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