Ponderings from Panama

Ponderings from Panama

Friday, August 19

      I am beginning this series of devotionals at a little, slightly rickety, table with a plastic covering that is over a plastic tablecloth (the plastic coverings reminds me of my grandmother’s table when I was a little boy / the plastic sticks to your arms while you are eating…or tying on your computer).  The table is located in “Isaiah’s House” which is located in Panama City, Panama.

As you can probably guess by now I am on a mission’s trip.  This particular time I’m blessed to have my dear wife with me, along with Pastor Glenn, Stacy Finley (our intrepid interpreter) as well as three pastors that I am introducing to the mission’s work we sponsor here.

THE TEAM - Left to Right (front row) Jean Parks, hostess, Sonja Kemp, Vincent Collins, Stacy Finley, (back row) Glenn Walters, David Kemp, Andre Hester, Michael Goins

Over the next few days I hope to share a few lessons I learned from the journey – I am calling it “Ponderings from Panama”.

The first lesson I want to remind you of is this: Enjoy the journey.  Oh, I wish that I had learned this sooner.  Take mission trips for instance; I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fretted and fussed my way through airports, security checks, and customs trying to herd people through all the hoops and loops of model day travel.  Throughout the entire ordeal I was always pushing to get somewhere but never enjoying where I was at the moment, and more important, who I was with.

Lately I’m learning that in spite of all my pushing and shoving, life pretty much happens at its own pace.  I can prepare and plan (necessary and good), but in the end I’m going to get “there” (wherever there is) when I get there.  So, why not enjoy the journey, if Jesus is with me, it should not be too hard.

This is good advice whether going to Panama or across town; why not try it today.

Glad to be back home,