“Power Over Poison” pastor Loran Livingston, November 17, 2019

Today pastor Loran called everyone to check whether your heart is right toward God. As it is written in the book of Acts 8: 9-24, where the Word of God shows as an example: that it is possible to believe in Jesus Christ and even be a part of the church and be a part of a great move of God, and see God’s miracles with your own eyes – yet still have a heart that remains poisoned by iniquity or bitterness. Today our Lord is calling everyone to repentance. Jesus Christ is standing by, ready to set you free from any bondage that has a stronghold on your life- only thing you need to do is to surrender to Christ, confess your stronghold ( whether it is bitterness, addiction or iniquity, repent before the Lord and ask God to set you free and fill your heart with His Holy Spirit, so there will be no room for anything other than JESUS. Our Heavenly Father is Faithful and He will answer when you call.

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