Questions about HOME SCHOOLING?

  1. Is it the right approach in educating children in America today?
  2. Have you or anyone in your church done it?
  3. What is the best approach / style for home schooling?
  4. Your preferred home schooling curriculum(s)?
  5. Are online curriculum(s) better than printed ones?
  6. What are the benefits from church home schooling groups?
  7. How often do you report your child’s progress?
  8. What standardized test show good results?
  9. How do you ensure socialization?
  10. Do you introduce the child to public schooling and at what grade?


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2 thoughts on “Questions about HOME SCHOOLING?

  1. Jodie Pratt says:

    We home schooled our son from 7 through 12 grade. We were under the umbrella of a church, got our curriculum from them, paid a fee for them to handle sending all scores to Nashville. He tested at the school (church) 1 day a week. It was absolutely wonderful! However, the parent and the child both need to be motivated and disciplined to get the work done. The content of the work is still hard. It is now “the easy way out”, course studies were hard.
    Our son graduated and went on to college, got a bachelors degree in business and is working in finance at a big bank. If everyone in the house pitches in and is serious about it then it works very well but again it isn’t easy.
    I am NOT a fan of public education, if you can’t home school then at least try to enroll your kids in a christian school.

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