Quick update & random remarks

Quick update & random remarks

I apologize for the hiatus since my last post. A few weeks ago, I took a much-needed vacation to beautiful Longboat Key Florida. I've always been fond of sunsets, and this trip provided a few great photo opportunities. This one was taken with my cell phone, which isn't exactly the best quality, but still conveys the great scenery there. Truly one of the most beautiful places on the Gulf coast!

I want to blog about other things, but feel like I need to wrap up the series on Jonah. So look for that next, and then we'll look at some other topics in the coming days. I had to move my sermon podcast, because my previous host decided to vanish from the web without notice. The new podcast site is http://libertywc.podbean.com and the feed is http://libertywc.podbean.com/feed if you decide to subscribe that way. I lost all of the episodes on the previous podcast, so right now there's only one message uploaded....but more to come! Thanks for your patience. The podcast should have iTunes subscription capability within the next week or so.

I've been working on a lot of things this summer, including recording my first instrumental CD of original music I've written on the guitar. I've met some wonderful people during this process, and I appreciate all of the feedback and support I've received during this time. And it's always neat to hear from people who are familiar with my ministry. If you interact on the social networks on the web, feel free to add me as a friend on myspace http://myspace.com/henryhaneyjr , or Facebook http://facebook.com/henryhaney . I'm not a robust 'tweeter', but I do occasionally update on Twitter, so you can follow me there at http://twitter.com/henryhaney if you want to as well.

Well, that about wraps up my random thoughts early on this Saturday morning. I hope to hear from you soon. As always, I appreciate your prayerful support. I sincerely covet your prayers as Pam and I endeavor to do the work of the Lord in these last days. God bless you!

Until next time....